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This podcast is a place for parents from all walks of life to share their candid stories about the transition into parenthood.
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Apr 1, 2017
On supporting NICU parents:
"Say ‘congratulations,' because sometimes when you’ve had a preemie or a sick baby you feel like you’ve given birth to a medical situation and not, like, an actual child. So in the early days, the nicest thing that anyone could say was 'congratulations, what a beautiful baby.' Hearing that made everything suddenly feel more normal."

In this episode, my funny and candid guest Kris talks about her struggle to get pregnant and experiencing preterm premature rupture of membranes (Pre-PRoM) which lead to a NICU stay for her baby. She tells us about her breast feeding journey, where she was able to nurse successfully despite her baby being premature, and how breast feeding impacted her sex life, especially given that she is married to a self-professed “boob man”. She also shares how she went from being on the fence about “Mom Groups” to developing a support network of other new moms despite worrying that she wouldn’t fit into that scene.