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Apr 24, 2017

"I went back to work in the mindset of wanting to prove to them that I wasn’t going be that new mom who bailed on my work, and to prove that I was still super reliable... In the early days I still wanted to be that person, I didn’t want to give that up, but I also didn’t want to give up being a mom. So that was hard to reconcile, and it was hard to realize that I can’t do both things 120%, I had to find a happy medium for myself and my family…I wanted to stay in that same [work-first, above all] mindset, but over time it just sort of didn’t happen. I naturally did want to step back a little more, and not because I didn’t like my job but because I wanted to be a good mom too."

In this episode, my guest Sarah tells her story about what it was like to transition from her role as a rock star professional, available 24/7 in a high pressure career, to becoming a working mom who then had other equally important tasks grabbing at her time and mental space. She shares about what it was like to have to change her priorities around and reframe her relationship to her job, in order to be the mom that she wanted to be. She also tells us about how sleeplessness impacted her, and how she was able to build a community of other moms that she could depend on and connect with.

I hope you enjoy this awesome episode and thanks for listening!


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